Sleeping safely in their beds

Thanks to a joint project with our global partner, the Gro Company, hundreds of thousands of babies have slept more safely in their beds due to our Egg shaped temperature controlled colour-changing night-light.

The design helps to inform and educate parents on the importance of the role of temperature in the reduction in the risk of cot death and promotes the best possible conditions for a baby's sleep environment, aiding blissful sleep.

Our in-house teams managed all aspects of the design and manufacture from first concepts stage until final inspection and control all elements of manufacturing quality control.

We feel that our thermometer is an important and innovative product that helps to make sense of the surprising advice from the NHS (and other organisations) regarding the ideal temperature of a nursery and we are delighted that both the UK Intellectual Property Office and the European Patent Office both agree, granting two patents covering the functioning of the design.

The design is exported internationally and is available on four continents.