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What temperature is your wine?


We’ve been innovating again and this time we’ve developed a product 
where most of our staff wanted to help with the R&D.

Our latest product ‘Kelvin’ draws from the combined years of alcoholic experience of our management team to bring you the ultimate wine 
drinkers accessory.

Key features of Kelvin are:

Wireless bottle clip and receiver base station
10 selectable wine categories
Ideal wine temperature guide provided
Adjustable for individual temperature preferences
• 3 memory presets for favourite wines
Blue, red and green LED colour backlight indicator
Under, over and ideal words displayed on LCD display  

We would welcome further dialogue with interested trade partners 
who like their wine at the optimum temperature (and who might 
also like to sell Kelvin).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any 
further information.

Meet the Team

Trevor Collins
CEO / Finance
Steve Parker
Innovation / Sourcing
Daniel Parslow
Trading / Fulfilment
Simon Parslow
Innovation / Distribution
Steve Murfin
Warehouse Manager
Maria Sargisson
Lorraine Frenzel
Tracy Hancox
Order processing
Julie Stobart